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  1. to Anisha
    i raely mis you a lot are you having a grate time i hope your heds ok
    i can,t wate intill you come back i cant bulleaf you have to carry
    sixteen books in your bag

    From Pammy

  2. to anisha
    i realy mis you i hope your heds oki can,t wate
    intill you come back i hope your
    havinga grat time hafe a ride on
    a elefent yet

  3. Hello Anisha!

    Sorry I haven’t been in touch recently; we’ve all been very busy. We do think of you lots and miss you all. You seem to be having a fantastic time; everything looks so colourful and beautiful in India!Glad that you are doing so well at school too and that Rohan is being a good boy. this weekend I will get in touch with your Daddy at last and invite him to tea. I think that we will make the lovely chocolate brownies you so kindly gave me from Toast in the summer – I’ve been saving them for when he comes round. keep up the excellent work with your blog – we really enjoy reading it and it will be a very special thing to look back on when you’re older.

    Lots of love to you all from

    Tina x (Madame Fossett)

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