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Having fun in Mussoorie!

Having fun in Mussoorie!

We are in a place called Mussoorie. It is up in the foothills of the Himalayan mountain range.

Pa and I are studying Hindi and have lessons every day.  It is warm in the sun and freezing cold in the rain and at night.  We go for long walks and have to wear three jumpers.  It is very beautiful and when we are walking we can see the snowy mountains.  Mount Everest is a bit further to the right.

We have seen lots of different animals.  We have seen Langur monkeys,Macaque monkeys, a Yellow Throated Marten, and are looking out for Leopards and Jackals!

We even saw a rainbow after a storm..

Mussoorie town below..

Ro and I have made some new friends and have had lots of fun playing hide and seek and sliding down hills on cardboard! On Easter Sunday we had a sweetie hunt as there were not too many Easter eggs in the shops here!