Sunday Science Day!

Sunday Science Day!

I woke up this morning and after breakfast I was reading one of my books and saw an activity I would like to do. I thought maybe you might like to do it too so I have written the instructions for you and what I found. Maybe in your garden there will be different things to look for? I also have put a table of what I found with Grandpa and Ro.  Mummy helped me make a table and I typed it all in on the computer.  We have put some photos too.

The activity was to find if things float or sink.

You will need:

1. A small notepad and pencil to write a list

2. A bag to collect things in the garden or on your walk

3. A big bowl of water and a tray to put all the things on that you find

4. A big piece of paper to make a table of what you find out

First I wrote a list of the sort of things we might find and took the pad and pencil with me so that I could add some other things I might have not thought of.  I also like to cross things off my list.

Grandpa took Ro and I into the park on an adventure to find things.

We then got everything ready with Mummy and started trying things in the water.  I wrote down the colour of things because I thought it was interesting.

Then I started putting things in the water and see what happened.  It was a lot of fun and there were some surprises!

There was a red dry leaf.

Flowers, dry seeds and fresh seeds and their pods

Baby coconuts which did something very funny. I was sure they would sink but they floated. Every time I put them in straight they would turn and go upside down.

Snail shells which floated and sea shells which sunk!

Sticks and a stone.

Ro was doing some his experiments of his own! (Yes Mr Tumble is riding Bullseye)!

Here is my table.

Science : Float or Sink Experiment
Name of Objects Float Sink Colour
Dry leaf Yes Red
New leaf Yes Green
Flower large Yes Orange
Flowers small Yes White/Yellow
Baby coconuts Yes Green / Brown
Dry almond seed Yes Green/Brown
Big flower seed Yes Red
Fresh almond seed Yes Green
Dry tamarind seeds Yes Brown
Dry tamarind pods Yes Brown
Fresh tamarind pods Yes Green
Fresh tamarind seeds Yes Green
Snail shells Yes White
Feathers Yes Grey
Seashells Yes Multiycolour
Sticks Yes Brown
Stone Yes Black / Brown
 Grass  Yes  Green

Ro and I then played together before having a picnic lunch.

Hope you have as much fun doing it as we did! : )

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  1. Love the experimetnt – much fun finding and working out.. well done you.. Hope the exams went well and the adventures can now begin.. Big kisses x

  2. Wow you have been busy Sha – it looks like a great experiment you did – lots of fun and interesting things you found out!

    Lots of love, big hugs and even bigger kisses


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