Coconut day!

Coconut day!

When we came back from Delhi we realised all the coconuts on Bapa’s coconut tree were ready to be cut so Muhammed and Bharti showed me how it is all done.

The coconut tree is very tall …

Muhammed climbing up the tree!










He cuts the coconuts and they fall to the ground. 

These coconuts are just off the tree!









Muhammed cuts open the top of the coconut to get to the water and coconut inside.

Muhammed has an assistant but don’t worry granny we didn’t let him anywhere near the knife!

Then Muhammed cut a hole in the top of the coconut to take the water out. It tastes very coconutty and mummy says either you really like it like Bapa or you don’t like me!  People find it very refreshing.

The coconuts then get cut in half and all the white coconut flesh taken out.  It is delicious!

Yummy! A fresh coconut for you!

I took another photograph of my cheeky brother!

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