Delhi Zoo!

Delhi Zoo!

Today we went to Delhi Zoo with Gulab Singh. We had a lovely time and really enjoyed seeing all the animals.

We came in time for feeding time. The zoo keepers were getting the food ready for giving out.

We saw the bear first.

Then we saw the hippos. All the signs are written in Hindi and English.

And opposite the hippos was some beautiful deer.

The giraffes were far away..

A white peacock.

Some very noisy monkeys too! This one was eating a banana! They reminded me a bit of Ro.

The lion was fast asleep in the sun.







The elephants were huge!







The last animal we saw was the white tiger.













It was nice to see the animals at the zoo but I think I would prefer to see them in the wilderness like an explorer.

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  1. Wow Sha the zoo has changed so much since we last went, what was your fave animal??
    We are going to a farm tomorrow with Milo, he has been on the thinking step a lot today so I hope he’s a good boy!
    Bet you can’t wait to see your Pa, we miss you guys xxx

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