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Beach Days!

Beach Days!

I have been trying to teach Ro how to body board, as you will see from the photos it has not exactly been easy!  We did have a lot of fun in the sea though.  Here are some photos of that day and some more photos on the beach at the weekends!

Ro will you’re getting on backwards!

  Ooohhh Ro!!

On the beach with Bapa!

On the beach at Josette and Deva’s place with our friends Roshini and Kiran.

We found a crab in its shell!

Peace at last! : )

Coconut day!

Coconut day!

When we came back from Delhi we realised all the coconuts on Bapa’s coconut tree were ready to be cut so Muhammed and Bharti showed me how it is all done.

The coconut tree is very tall …

Muhammed climbing up the tree!










He cuts the coconuts and they fall to the ground. 

These coconuts are just off the tree!









Muhammed cuts open the top of the coconut to get to the water and coconut inside.

Muhammed has an assistant but don’t worry granny we didn’t let him anywhere near the knife!

Then Muhammed cut a hole in the top of the coconut to take the water out. It tastes very coconutty and mummy says either you really like it like Bapa or you don’t like me!  People find it very refreshing.

The coconuts then get cut in half and all the white coconut flesh taken out.  It is delicious!

Yummy! A fresh coconut for you!

I took another photograph of my cheeky brother!

Delhi Zoo!

Delhi Zoo!

Today we went to Delhi Zoo with Gulab Singh. We had a lovely time and really enjoyed seeing all the animals.

We came in time for feeding time. The zoo keepers were getting the food ready for giving out.

We saw the bear first.

Then we saw the hippos. All the signs are written in Hindi and English.

And opposite the hippos was some beautiful deer.

The giraffes were far away..

A white peacock.

Some very noisy monkeys too! This one was eating a banana! They reminded me a bit of Ro.

The lion was fast asleep in the sun.







The elephants were huge!







The last animal we saw was the white tiger.













It was nice to see the animals at the zoo but I think I would prefer to see them in the wilderness like an explorer.