Doing my maths homework!

Doing my maths homework!

I have been trying hard to learn my times tables. It is really hard does anyone else find it hard?  I am working on my spellings too. I can’t believe we have to spell discombobulated! Missing you love Anisha x


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  1. Hi Sha, yes we all find it hard, even now! Uncle Tom is very good at maths so he can help you remember! You sounded very good on skype yesterday when Pa was testing you! We miss you so much, Amali rolled over for the first time today..VERY exciting! Love to mummy and ro x

  2. Dear Sha Sha, RoRO and Priya i am so sorry we have not blogged for so long you will have to
    forgive us as we seem to let the days go by so quickly We went to the coast last week with
    Trish and KEITH WE HAD A LOVELY TIME on the beach at Brancaster it maDE Us think of us all
    together in July
    Your Pa Simon SHEENA Issy Wizzy and Phoebe Plum are coming to stay this coming
    weekend Shall we have a skype on the sunday morning perhaps 11-11 30 sorry///
    We are so proud of you leading the assembly on the stage Sha you look great
    We love Ro Ro in his red uniform you all look very happy
    Sha you will be very pleased when you are older that you have learned your tables they always
    come in very handy
    Good luck with your exam results
    Looking forward to skyping on sunday our best love and kisses to you all
    all our love Granny and Grandpa

  3. Hello again! I remember the days when my class had to learn the times tables, it took me forever to remember all of that. I never had memorization and homework on the computer though, we were just constantly being drilled once to twice a day with 100 quick problems in just one minute. Once you master that, everything else will be easy for you..every year they just keep building on and on, just like building blocks..Without the times tables, I could never do the algebra that I’m doing this year. Well have fun learning those time tables and have a great time in India! – Francesca xoxx

  4. Hi Uncle Tim, Discombobulated is an American term meaning disfunctional, disconnected, confusing, etc. My mum was reading this and had no idea what this word meant either ha ha and so I told her and she still is having trouble pronouncing it! I am guessing that Anisha know’s what it is because she is at an American school as there are a few English words that I have no idea what they mean..I remember when I used to having spelling tests, I would always get the word ‘color’ wrong and a few others like that because I would put a ‘u’ in there, but now I have learned that it is spelled w/o a ‘u’ ! Take care and hope to see you soon…love from francesca xoxoo

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