Playing before school and more exams!


This morning before school Ro and I were playing in the playground as we got there early.  I had yoga and then we started with assembly.   We then had a snack and had our History exam.  It was good I think. It wasn’t too hard but I am not sure how I did.  This afternoon we revised for tomorrow’s Computer exam.  Wish me luck!

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  1. Hello Anisha, is the star fish still alive? (Pammy)

    Jamiela says she will send that picture soon.

    Are you enjoying your school? (Laura)

    Let us know how you did in your exams (Hannah)

    Bye! Beech Class

    • Hi Beech class thank you for your message . The star fish was alive, we could see it crawling up the side of the bucket. Thank you Jamiela we are looking forward to seeing your pictures. Yes I am enjoying my school. I was afraid of the exams but actually they are quite easy. I think that I got them all right today in Computers. I have to wait a little while before I know how it went but I will let you know as soon as I do. I am missing you all so much. I am really pleased you liked the video. Do you think we could skype sometime? Bye for now Anisha : )

  2. Hi Sha! Really, really good luck with your exams – you will be fine, I’m sure! Thinking of you and missing you lots

    Lots of love Auntie Holly and Uncle Stu

    P.s loved the video Mummy sent of you and Ro in the pool – it was fab – thanks for the message! xxx

    • Dear Aunty Holly and Uncle Stuart
      Thank you for your message I loved it. Missing you too. I am really happy you liked the video we sent. Looking forward to skyping soon love Anisha x

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