Starfish and sunset at the beach

Starfish and sunset at the beach

Yesterday we went to the beach to meet our friends and our cousins visiting from Delhi, Saatvik and Viddanth.  We had a lot of fun splashing in the sea and even wore our goggles in the water to see what we could see!  We found a star fish and some mini prawns! Here are some photos!

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    • Hi Emma! Thank you for all your messages I really love reading them. Hope you are well? How is school for you? Are you enjoying big school? How are Izzy and Flossy? Sending you all my love, missing you lots Sha x

  1. Hello Anisha!
    How are you? Your photos are lovely and we are really enjoying your blog=) Has made our day a whole lot brighter! We really are missing you all and keep saying ‘wonder what Anisha’s up to at the moment?’ ! When do you get the results for your exams? We’re sure you’ve done fabulously! What’s the sea like at this time of year? We’re really jealous! Your photos of the starfish and shells are very artistic – we’re sure that your art exam must have gone well.
    Looking forward to hearing from you soon. We will have to investigate the Skype, we’ve never done it before but would be lovely to see you.
    Love to everyone,
    Rosie and Madame Fossett xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    P.S. Lily will send a message later as she’s still at school (I’ve had the afternoon off – because I’ve been a bit ill and didn’t have any lessons anyway. English colds!!!!!!!! I’m feeling a lot better after looking at your blog though with my mum=) x) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Dear Rosie and Madame Fossett thank you for your message, it was really lovely to get it! I am really happy that you like my blog. It would be great to skype with you. I am not sure when we get our results for our exams. Today we did Computers and it was okay. I have a day off tomorrow for a festival called Dusshera so that is nice. I have to revise for Hindi on Friday! I hope you are feeling better? Sending you, your mum and dad and of course Lily lots of love Anisha x

  2. Hi Anisha… How are you doing? I really enjoy reading your blogs, it keeps me up to date…sorry I haven’t had a chance to reply because my school is keeping me very busy..just wait until you get into the 8th grade, they pile you with homework especially Algebra…These sea shells look very nice, I bet you had a lot of fun at the beach with your mum and rohan…take care and hope to see you soon.. xxoo

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