Ro Swimming without any floats..

Ro Swimming without any floats..

Ro has been swimming with one disc float for a while. In the last few days he has been swimming without any floats.  He is very excited about this and jumps in all the time so I have to keep my eyes peeled all the time – I have already saved him once for real! Well twice actually. 

Note from Mummy : Pa taught Ro to swim in two weeks – have we found a replacement for Gloria?? Not sure he would meet all the health and safety requirements..

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    • Hello Rebecca missing you so much. We have to learn cursive writing but with lots of twirly bits. I wish was in Beech Class with you. But don’t worry I am still doing the spellings and the homework. I have been invited to my first birthday party. Seriously when can we next skype? Sending you a big hug and one for Molly-May from Ro. Love you Anisha x

  1. go rohan what a clever little man
    And go you Sha – you are doing amazingly. We love reading your blog and seeing what you are up to.
    much love
    Lila x

    • Hi Lila thank you for your message. What is it like in Willow Class? Are you and Molly having fun? Is Alf having a good time at his school? What about Cass – how does he like Ash class? I miss you all and send you lots of love Anisha x

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