Rohan Starts School

Rohan Starts School

Note from Mummy: We have had problems getting on the internet so we are a few days behind.

Rohan has been going to the Nursery class is part of the same school. He is in a different building.  I don’t get to see him at the moment as he doesn’t stay for lunch.  He likes it and stays for the morning.

Oh brother!

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  1. Hi Sha and Ro, It’s Phoebe, Ro looks lovely in his uniform. I love the hats. Good luck in school Ro. It will be nice when you can see Sha at lunchtime. I started school this week and I love it. I stayed a whole day on Friday and will stay all week this week. I like wearing uniform. I miss you all.

    • Hi Phoebe
      You look so grown up in your school photo! I really liked seeing you in your uniform. Your hair has grown really long just like mine. It looks really pretty. I hope you had a good day today at school. I think you will really like school! I hope Issy is being good. Well Ro is not really. I can’t wait to hear all about your school. Love you Anisha p.s. Roro says he loves you and Issy who is (yes) cute like a baby pony!!

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