Snakes and Snails and Pa too!

Snakes and Snails and Pa too!

Yesterday Pa arrived and the first thing we did was push him in the swimming pool!

It was the first time I could properly swim because of my stitches. It was so much fun because Ro can swim now (with arm bands).


Walking back up the hill we saw a giant snail. It was as big as a mouse. 


I got a real fright when I was walking up to the front door.  A snake! It was brown and as long as my arm. I almost stepped on it! It was climbing up and down the steps, slithering really fast and disappeared into a pipe in the garden.


When I went back out to show Mummy where I had seen the snake it was definitely gone but we did find a frog instead! The frog had really funny lumpy skin that looked more like mud or a rock than a frog.  A really good camouflage to hide from anything that might want to eat it.

Yesterday afternoon was very exciting.  Seeing Pa again was very good but seeing the snake was not so good.


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  1. Dear Anisha,

    How hot is it there? We miss you. Are you having a fun time? Do you know how far away in miles you are from Box? How’s your head?

  2. Dear Beach Class
    Thank you for writing to me. I am really excited that you have read my blog. I am missing you all and Box a lot but I am having a lot of fun too.

    It hasn’t rained today so it is about 28 ˚ c but actually feels about 33 ˚ c as it is very humid. The air feels very thick and heavy. Mummy and I just looked it up and we are about 4572 miles from Box. It takes about eleven hours on a plane.

    My head is a lot better you can hardly see where the stitches were.

    I have to go back to school tomorrow after a week off. Have just finished all my homework. We have yoga before school at 830am so that will be good. I hope you all have a fun time at school. Mummy and I will be following your spellings and homework on the website. I have to go to bed now as it is 9.00pm (it is about 4.30pm in the afternoon for you) we are four and a half hours ahead of time in the future. Love Anisha

  3. Hi Anisha – your Dad told me about your blog and to have a look. It really is brilliant – especially all of the photos of creepy crawlies – watch out for that snake!
    I hope you continue to have fun at school, and do you know what I think? I think you should push Dad in the swimming pool every day!
    Love to you all from a very wet and windy England!

    • Dear Matt thank you for your message. I haven’t seen the snake again and I am too sad about that. I have pushed Pa in the pool every day. Yesterday he fell in with all his clothes on by mistake – he got very wet and so did his mobile phone and money! He was not very happy! Love to you and Simon from Mummy and Anisha x

  4. Hi Sha, am so happy Pa is there with you and hope you are having fun!!
    Can’t believe you saw a snake…hope they are all gone by the time we get there!!!
    Love you xxx

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