This morning I had to help Mummy cover my books for school and label them.  I have fourteen books at home and more at school.  I did a bit of maths homework and then we went swimming.  Well I did get in but I wasn’t allowed to get my head wet. I really wanted to jump in!

We skyped with Jimmy, Jamiela, Lucas, Kit and Lara today and saw their kittens. Ro says they are so cute. I think they are too! Ro gave Lara a kiss.   We skyped with Ali and we will hopefully speak to Rebecca & Molly-May tomorrow.

I watched Deadly 60 with Grandpa on the tv.  It gave me the idea to take lots of pictures of wildlife around here.  Mummy and I took pictures of cows, insects, flowers and a lizard! There are bugs everywhere. The spiders are huge. Grandpa says they are all trying to get out of the rain. By the way my head is a bit better today and Ro has done his first p.. on the toilet.  He is very excited as he gets a present.

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  1. Hi Anisha,
    We have been reading all about your exciting. We can’t believe that you only have 6 children in your class – does that mean the teacher always has her eye on you?!!! It seems like you are having lots of rain at the moment in the Monsoon season – a bit like here in England!
    We start back at school on Friday and mummy has bought us new uniforms and shoes since we have been doing lots of growing over the summer and don’t fit in our old clothes!

    We went water skiing last weekend at the Cotswold Water Park – it was so much fun. We got to wear wetsuits and were pulled along on the back of the speedboat in a big rubber tyre!
    We will write again soon after we start back at school and let you know the news.
    Love for now, Callum and Will xx
    PS. Mummy, Daddy and Max say ‘Hi’ too and send their love to you all.

    • Clever Ro! well done ! Anisha, I’m so glad you enjoy Quentin Blakes illustrations, he is mine and Lucy’s favourite, we have some of his work at home. Of course, it helps to have wonderful Roald Dahl books to illustrate. I hope mummy is having fun chasing all the spiders away? Give her our love, please. Glad to hear your head is better too. xx

  2. Yeah! Well done Ro! Really glad that your head is feeling better Sha – we were really worried about you, what a brave girl you have been! It sounds like you have been working hard at school, with lots of homework to do! How lovely to have just six people in your class – I wish I had a class that small to teach! Uncle Stu sends big kisses to you all

    Lots of love Auntie Holly x

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