First day at school

First day at school

Today I went to school.  It is very different from Box because there are only six people in my class.  There are only two boys and four girls.  I have made lots of friends already.  We have over twenty books each to carry in our bags.  We have a to wear a tie but luckily it is a clip on tie!  We had daal chawal (rice and daal) with mutter paneer (peas and Indian cheese) and dhai (yoghurt). For pudding we had jelly and ice cream.  It was all delicious especially the jelly!   Today we had hindi, science and music lessons.  In our music lesson we copied out a song into our books and learnt it.  It was called “Clementine”.   One of my friends is called Mia sometimes we call her Mimi and Cerise, we call her Cherry.  There is someone is our class called Rebecca but she doesn’t look very much like my Rebecca. Looking forward to my day tomorrow although lunch is fish in white sauce…mmmm….

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  1. sha
    glad your 1st day at school went well. Cas starts school 1 week tomorrow – do you think Miss Kopik will cope??? It’s been raining here too – I Loved your monsoon poem and your henna hands
    much love
    Lila xx

  2. Your uniform is so cute!! Wow I can’t believe you only have 6 people in your class…I have 30 girls and 27 guys in 8th grade…but we are not in the same room it is boys and girls seperated but several classes we have together.

  3. Anisha, it is nice to see your lovely photos! Glad you have made some new friends, when can we see Ro in his uniform? Your lunch yesterday sounds delicious, hope you enjoyed the fish today. Better go, Lily lola has caught a bird!!!! xxxxx

  4. Hi Shasha,
    Smart kit! Cool food, Compact class, glad you are enjoying school. Let us know how the stitches go, Love, granny and Grandpa PK.

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