Raining in Goa


It has been raining a lot today. This morning Mummy, Ro and I went out together to do a few jobs. Mummy took me to get my stitches taken out but the doctor said they had to be in for a few more days. The doctor said Friday. I am not looking forward to it. I am not sure how much it will hurt.

It has to be better soon as we went to the swimming pool I paddled but it wasn’t the same as jumping in! Ro is going to swim tomorrow as mummy says he needs to be worn out. He is not at all careful about my head.



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  1. Don’t worry about having the stitches out, Anisha. I really don’t think it will hurt. I have always wanted to go to Goa. Imagine all those animals turning up if I were to pop down to Budgens for some fuel!

    Love to Mummy and Ro, even though he isn’t at all careful about your head!

    Barbara xx

  2. Hi Anisha! Hope your having a great time in India..You look really pretty in that picture..Hope to see you soon 🙂

  3. Hi Sha Sha. Sorry about your fall –what big stitches–you were very brave.Don’t worry about having them out,it will be a lot easier than having them put in and won’t hurt.

    Best of luck with your exam, I’m sure you will sail through.

    It sounds very soggy there at the moment. How much longer will the monsoon last?

    Love to you, RoRo and Mummy,
    Granny Pam and Grandpa PK.

    • Dear Granny Pam and Grandpa PK
      Thank you for your message. The monsoon is very soggy and will last for another month. I really like it as it cools you down when you are feeling hot. We have just got our computer working for skype so can we call you sometime to talk to you. Would there be a good time for you to skype with us? Sending you both lots of love from me, Ro and Mummy. Look forward to seeing you on skype soon.

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