Visiting my new school


Today we went to visit my new school. It was very different from Box Primary School. There was about seventy children Box has almost a hundred more I think. My school is called Green Meadows in Calangute.

I have to take an exam to see what class I will be in. It doesn’t matter about what age you are it is just how much you can do. We have to go back on Thursday for my exam and I will find out when I start then. While we were there it was lunchtime. We were invited to have some lunch a cucumber salad (which was a bit wet and salty but I liked it) and chicken noodles which was very spicy but I didn’t mind as it was so tasty. Ro and I were very hungry and ate it all up. I am looking forward to starting and meeting some new friends.

We then went vegetable shopping and we saw a lady selling fishes. I touched one and it felt a bit slimy.

We had to fill up the car with petrol and on the way we got a bit lost and the first garage we went to had run out of petrol. We didn’t mind being in the car for so long as there was so many animals on the road to look at including buffalo.

It is great being in Goa. I really like it when it rains as it is hot at the same time. We all got soaked today but dried off really quickly when rain went away.



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  1. I hope your exam goes well Anisha and I also hope that it will be in English. It has been hot here today in Box; we have cut all the grass and had a bonfire. Rain is predicted tomorrow but I don’t think it will be like the monsoon!

  2. Hi Anisha,
    We are really enjoying reading about your adventures they sound very exciting. I hope that your head now feels better. Best of luck with your exam and I hope that you make lots of nice new friends. Francesca skyped with your Daddy on Sunday and they had a very nice chat we are hoping to chat again this Sunday. Hope you are managing to stay dry.
    Give your Mummy our love.
    Tara, Michel & Francesca (America)

  3. Good luck with your exam on Thursday. We are loving reading all about your amazing adventures. Phoebe is very worried about your head and very concerned about your stitches, she hopes that they come out easily on Friday. Big hugs to you, mummy and Ro xxxxx

  4. Have fun at your new school! It is very very hot here in Houston…it is about 50 degrees here! It is just so warm, unbearable…hopefully I can speak your mother one day, you and rohan on skype while your in India because I have a video camera! Take care…xoxo

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