Yesterday.. Friday 19th August 2011

Yesterday.. Friday 19th August 2011

Day of pokes, faints and stitches! Had to be brave as I fainted after having an injection at the doctors. Fell and hit my head on something sharp.  I had to have four stitches and had to be brave.  Thank you Dr Arya, Dr Nandini and Dr Heer (aka Uncle Baali) & the nurses at the East West medical center for fixing me up!  Mummy says that Dr Arya and Dr Heer were there when she was born and have looked after us as though we were their own children and grand children!

Here are some pictures – don’t worry none of the really gory bits!

The first picture is with Dr Arya & Dr Nandini just before the excitement / pokes began!




All fixed thank you!

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  1. Sha you are such a brave girl, we are so proud of you.
    Ro, Amali had her pokes last week so she understands what you are going through.
    Love you xxx

  2. That looks painful…. I hope you feel much better soon and i hope you’re having a great time despite the accident part!!

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