Running behind…Thursday 18th August 2011

Running behind…Thursday 18th August 2011

Lots of pictures and not too many words today – Mummy writing as Anisha’s injury and internet / power proving troublesome! Hopefully now sorted and from tomorrow we should be back on track!  A lot to get through so …

Me at the gate of my g-grandmother’s house and Ro with my Shyma Nani.

Ro with Simran Mami and my cousins Ansh and Saira – I love them –  Ro loves them too – guess what he says – yep you got it – “they’re so cute like a baby pony!”

Fun with Bimla and Ranjeet – both have been living with our family and been a part of it for as long as we can remember..

At the market getting mehendi (henna) put on my hands – lots to see too – sweets on wheels – juice bar – colourful scooter buses and lots more! Very tired after such a busy day!


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