Power cuts, pokes and a lot of fun!

Power cuts, pokes and a lot of fun!

I could not write anything yesterday as we had a lot of power cuts so there was no electricity for a while.  We went to see our cousins Harshita, Yuvraaj and Yashraaj.  It was a lot of fun.  Ro was quite naughty. He sat on the thinking step A LOT!

Today we went to see the Doctor Arya to get checked over and we had to have two injections each. Ro said “why did they give me a poke? I don’t like pokes.”  Mummy says we have to go back on Friday but we are not going to tell Ro. 

We then came to my great-grandmother’s house and on the way I saw my first horse (along with chickens, cows and lots of dogs). 

My mami (aunty) Bhawna organised a hindi teacher she is called Mrs Rekha.  It was hard but very good.  She is coming again tomorrow. 

We played for the rest of the afternoon with Ro’s present from Simran Mami (Aunty) and Sushant Mama (Uncle) a motorbike which goes when you put your foot on the pedal.  He is so lucky!  We tried to Skype with Pa and we could see him but could not hear him. We thought it was very funny as we had to use sign language.

It got really hot so we filled my cousins (Ansh and Saira’s) pool up and had great splashing fun!  We have eaten yummy food and met all our family again especially our Nanis (granny’s).. I asked mummy how many granny’s do I have? A lot she said!  Wonder what we will do tomorrow.

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