India’s birthday today!

India’s birthday today!

Today we had a lovely time at home and I watched some great wildlife programmes about giant snakes and huge crocodiles on the tv whilst Ro was having his sleep.  I did practice my Hindi vowels before.  Mummy, Grandpa, Ro and I went to visit Grandpa’s sister Manju nani and her family this afternoon. In the photo you will see Manju nani was explaining about the lotus flowers and the goddess Laxmi on my tee shirt.  She spoke in Hindi a lot which I think Pa will like a lot. Ro had a great time too with our cousins Rishabh and Chaitanya.

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  1. It’s lovely to see your photographs and read your blog. I’m glad you and Rohan are having such fun.

    I will show Hugo and Archie tomorrow.

    Thinking of you, lots of love, Jackie x

  2. We logged on to your blog today Anisha and will now be following it. The photos are lovely; I particularly like the elephant. I think Hindi must be very difficult to learn. Love to you all.
    Elizabeth and Martin

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