count down to india


Last day of school!  Thank you to all my friends and the teachers at Box – see you soon!!

Need to get ready to go – really excited! 19 days to go to my Indian adventure…

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  1. Love your Blog page – we will be avid followers of your adventure xx

  2. Brilliant – can’t wait to read all the entries. Will send round Molly’s one that will keep you updated on all things Box!

  3. Lovely photo of you and your Pa. We are looking forward to reading about your adventures. Phoebe will love following it. Big hugs xx

  4. Dear Anisha,
    I am awaiting your arrival in India. It will be a magical year for you and I am so glad you will recording all the adventures on this blog. Love to you, Soony Massi

  5. What a wonderful idea! We will be sure to read your blog regularly to see what you have been up to! Have fun! Love you very much, big hugs xx

  6. Hi Anisha and Roro,

    We are really keen keen to follow your exciting year- have a fab time xx

    Harriet Max and Olivia xx

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